Carnitine and Caffeine: natural burners

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Carnitine and Caffeine: natural burners

According to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN), Carnitine is “a quaternary amine with an enzymatic function whose main function is to help the body in the process of fat oxidation to obtain energy.”

In order to enter the mitochondria, fatty acids need a transporter. Function of carnitine.

In this way, they bind to it and access that area, where they are oxidized, thus increasing blood flow, improving its oxidation in the arterial wall, reducing the volume of fat and detoxifying the body.

It has burning properties both orally and topically.

Its draining effect reduces the pressure between adipose tissues, which helps to eliminate cellulite. It acts on fat, stimulating an enzyme responsible for breaking it down.

Carnitine: present in meats

It is present in large quantities in any type of meat, mainly red. In 1905, it was discovered as a compound of animal muscle tissue.

Protein diets tend to consume a large volume of protein and reduce carbohydrates, hence the burning effect of carnitine. However, specialists warn that these diets are not successful if they are carried out for long periods of time.

These two supplements present in food have burning powers if they are consumed in considerable quantities and are accompanied by other necessary habits such as exercise (anaerobic, aerobic), the intake of two liters of water daily and the accompaniment of a healthy diet. this being the most important behavior when it comes to reducing the percentage of body fat.

Are they also used in cosmetics?

Creams that contain active ingredients with these substances accompanied by others such as gotu kola or coenzyme Q can help improve skin with cellulite and sagging.

Specialists in aesthetic medicine warn about the benefits that these active ingredients also have intradermally through procedures such as mesotherapy. In any case, they argue that it is necessary for this type of treatment to be performed by medical professionals.

Tips to burn fat:

Consume lean meats on a daily basis.
Incorporate protein in all meals (they can be of plant origin such as bananas, nuts, plant milk, protein shakes or eggs)
Drink plenty of water.
Do strength exercises.
Stimulate aerobic deficit (running, walking, cycling can help achieve this goal)
Use creams that contain active ingredients: such as caffeine, gotu kola and carnitine.


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