DentaFend Review – Effective Dental Support?


What is DentaFend?

It is a 100% natural supplement designed specifically for good dental health, which contains 29 powerful extracts, ingredients and natural nutrients that combined make it a very effective formula in the care of the mouth, gums and teeth.

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Did you know that you can practically achieve a healthy and beautiful smile with what you eat?

When it comes to consuming vitamins and nutrients, the mouth is one of the most important parts of the body that needs those extra vitamins and nutrients to thrive. By eating food or taking supplements that contain the right vitamins and nutrients, you can achieve healthy teeth and gums, fight infections, and maintain excellent oral health.

There are vitamins and minerals that are extremely beneficial for your teeth and gums.

And it’s exactly what the DentaFend supplement provides, so buckle up for the ingredients and benefits for dental and oral health below.

How does DentaFend work?

DentaFend tackles the root problem from deep inside, concentrating on the underlying problems that lead to poor dental health.

Once its natural ingredients in DentaFend act in the body of the person who consumes it, these nutrients reach the blood and from there they pass to the teeth to keep them healthy.

Is DentaFend for people with diabetes and hypertension?

If it is totally safe and even beneficial for those people, take it without risk.

Is DentaFend legit?

It is completely legitimate and endorsed by the GMP and FDA.

DentaFend Ingredients and benefits

Milk thistle

It is a powerful antioxidant that can support liver repair. Current studies show that silymarin can prevent liver fibrosis. The use of milk thistle is recommended to neutralize the harmful effects of alcohol consumption on the liver.


Berberine, an herbal medicine used to treat diarrhea, significantly reduces blood sugar and cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes, reports a team of researchers in China.


It affects the gastrointestinal mucosa, and helps to repair damaged tissue. It acts as an excellent stomach and intestinal anti-inflammatory, very suitable in case of gastritis and gastroenteritis, but also as a support in the treatment of pancreatitis and irritable bowel.


It is very digestive and also has a prebiotic effect which helps to improve the intestinal flora, so we are also facing a highly digestive food recommended even in cases of intestinal disease such as irritable bowel, ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease.

Chanca Piedra

It is a medicinal plant, also known as chanca piedra, bankrupt stone or hidden flower, whose studies suggest that it provides a series of health benefits such as fighting kidney stones and protecting the liver, due to its diuretic and hepatoprotective properties.


It is a powerful antioxidant that its consumption contributes to slow aging and to the prevention of neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory disorders and cancer.

Raspberry Network

Raspberries are rich in calcium, potassium, vitamin B9 (folic acid), and vitamin C.
Its phytonutrients decrease oxidative stress and inflammation of cells.
Supports eye and skin health.
Its folic acid content makes it recommended for pregnant women.
Helps to control diabetes.

Jujube Seeds

People prone to infections and allergies can benefit from the high vitamin C content of jujube fruits. Healing effects have been observed for colds, coughs, and respiratory diseases.


It is diuretic, analgesic, vulnerable, antirheumatic, healing. Use: Blows, wounds. Relieves toothache. Lowers blood sugar.


In traditional medicine, dandelion has been widely used in the treatment of eczema and rashes or certain types of infections, especially viral infections, but especially in stomach conditions, gas, and joint pain.

Grape Seed

One of the main benefits of grape seed for health is that it has a large amount of OPC antioxidants (oligo-meric and polymeric complexes), which protect the body from free radicals, thus preventing aging and premature organ deterioration , tissues and cells.


It is necessary for the body’s defense system (immune system) to function properly. It participates in the division and growth of cells, as well as in wound healing and carbohydrate metabolism. Zinc is also necessary for the senses of smell and taste.


Helps improve concentration, improve skin health, stimulate metabolism to make it easier to lose weight or strengthen the immune system.


It is used for kidney diseases, diseases of the bladder and prostate, and to increase the flow of urine. It is also used for high cholesterol, asthma, osteoarthritis, rheumatic arthritis, diabetes, an upset stomach, and a bleeding disorder called thrombocytopenia purpura.


With this supplement you can avoid all these diseases and conditions.

Mouth bacteria can cause tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other common mouth infections in both children and adults. Some of these infections can be prevented with good oral hygiene and many of them only last a few days, especially those that are common in childhood. Other dental conditions, however, are more serious and can last for a long time.

  1. Tooth decay

Tooth decay is the main result of tooth decay and one of the most common oral infections. It is one of the causes of tooth loss and is caused by bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans.

  1. Gingivitis

The bacteria responsible for gingivitis – a medical term that refers to early periodontal disease – are diverse and, when they settle in the folds of the gums (at and below the gum line), they produce toxins. The gums react to these toxins with inflammation and swelling, which is why the gums can bleed during tooth brushing. Between 50 and 90% of adults have gingivitis, a condition that, if left untreated, turns into periodontitis.

  1. Periodontitis

If the gingivitis extends below the gum line and affects the bone and supporting tissues, it can develop into periodontitis. Pockets form around the teeth, leading to inflammation and bone loss. Due to this bone destruction, teeth can be lost. Between 8 and 10% of adults suffer from periodontal disease, the most common cause of tooth loss. It can also worsen an existing chronic lung condition.

  1. Hand, foot and mouth disease

Hand-foot-mouth disease (EMPB) is one of the most frequent diseases in children under five years of age, generally caused by the Coxsackie A16 and enterovirus 71 viruses, explains the Journal of Primary Care Pediatrics. After a day or two with a sore throat and fever, somewhat painful blisters may appear on the inside of the cheeks and on the tongue, as well as on the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet and the buttocks. Fortunately, the infection usually clears up within three days.

  1. Herpangina

Herpangina, related to hand, foot, and mouth disease, most commonly infects children ages three to ten during the summer and fall. Fever, sore throat, and difficulty swallowing are the first symptoms to appear, followed by small blisters at the back of the mouth, which form large ulcers when broken. A herpangina infection usually takes three to five days to resolve.

  1. Oral candidiasis

An overgrowth of the naturally occurring Candida albicans fungus is the cause of thrush. Medical treatments such as antibiotics, chemotherapy, and radiation can trigger an outbreak. Curd-like white plaques form on the tongue, inner cheeks, roof of the mouth, and back of the mouth. Thrush is the most common infection in people with HIV.

  1. Canker sores

Canker sores are lesions that form on the gums and other oral tissues. Dentists call them aphthous ulcers and they are most common in children and teens. The cause of canker sores isn’t entirely clear, but stress, hormones, immune problems, food hypersensitivity, and related infections are possible triggers. Ulcers usually heal within 10 to 14 days.

  1. Oral herpes

Oral herpes is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus. According to the Scientific News and Information Service (SINC), 67% of the population is infected with the herpes simplex virus type 1. The first infection can cause flu-like symptoms, generate blisters and ulcers on the gums and the tongue or show no symptoms at all. Once the body is infected, the virus is present for life, but the infection itself can remain latent with proper care. Recurring flare-ups are usually milder and last from a week to 10 days. Fluid-filled blisters form around the mouth and, after a day or two, break open and crust over, causing no further discomfort.

It has other ingredients that improve metabolism and that who consumes it burns fat in an easier and healthier way.

Improves cardiovascular health.

Improves blood pressure.

Provide more energy.

Cleanses the liver, kidneys and improves the functioning of the intestine.

Best of all, if you believe or feel that you have not received the benefits mentioned above, you have nothing to lose, since this supplement has a 60-day guarantee, that is, you can request a 100% refund of your money within the first 60 days after you made your purchase.


This supplement is only sold on its official website.


If you are like me, we are terrified of going to the dentist and hearing his terrible sounds from all those devices that pierce gums and teeth, this supplement is made for you and so that you will not see a dentist again in your life, avoid all those diseases and best of all, save yourself all those expensive treatments when you go to the dentist.

Without a doubt, DentaFend is a remote supplement that is helping thousands of people around the world to have good dental health.

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