Quietum Plus Review – Does it Really Work?

Quietum Plus Review - Does it Really Work?

Quietum Plus is a supplement for good ear health, it is designed with extracts and 100% natural ingredients compressed in a single capsule with the exact portions to compose a powerful formula focused on alleviating and eliminating conditions such as tinnitus, and deafness.

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Natural ingredients and benefits


This tuber is an excellent source of B complex vitamins such as vitamin B6, vitamin B1, riboflavin, folate, pantothenic acid, and niacin. It also contains antioxidants and vitamin C. It provides approximately 20% of the vitamin C in the body, required for 100 grams.


It has been used in alternative medicine to treat heartburn, high cholesterol, to lose weight, upset stomach, constipation, “hardening of the arteries” (arteriosclerosis), gout, sexual problems, fever, baldness, to increase production of breast milk and for other conditions.

Dong quai

It is a natural source of phytoestrogens, ideal to compensate for the reduction or cessation of estrogen generation in pre- and post-menopausal women. Among the properties of dong quai, the best known is the ability to regulate the presence of these hormones in the body, stopping it when there is an excess and activating it when there is a deficiency.

Anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, which calms muscle tension and relieves spasms, which is why it is indicated for a wide range of female ailments, in amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea, as well as to soften premenstrual pain and those that occur during the period, including migraine, back pain and kidney pain.

Useful to alleviate ailments related to poor circulation such as chilblains, varicose veins or hemorrhoids.

It is a regulator of the immune response.


Tyrosine supplementation is recommended because it helps combat fatigue and regain energy that we may lose during training. It is also indicated to combat states of depression, since it is a precursor of dopamine and adrenaline, keys to regulate mood.


It promotes the relaxation of the walls of the blood vessels.

Relaxes heart cells and helps prevent blood clots that cause heart attacks.

It is used to treat heart palpitations that occur with anxiety attacks or other nervous disorders, as well as part of a general treatment plan for an overactive thyroid. A condition that also causes an irregular heartbeat.

Help people with anxiety.

Improves blood pressure.

Helps curb inflammation.

Black Cohosh Oat Grass

Helps restore hormonal balance in order to relieve unpleasant discomforts, such as hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, etc. Several investigations have validated the benefits of the herb black cohosh for the relief of the physical and psychological symptoms of menopause.

Pacific Kelp

Thanks to their high vitamin content, these algae provide many health benefits. It is a source of minerals such as calcium and iodine and vitamins K and E that give it antioxidant properties, being one of the most complete natural supplements for the human body.

Blessed Thistle

It has been used in alternative medicine as a possibly effective aid in treating heartburn, or symptoms of temporary allergies. Milk thistle may have been combined with other plants or extracts in a specific preparation for treating these conditions.

Hops Extract

Anti-inflammatory, heal damaged skin.

It stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, ideal for dry and mature skin.

Quietum Plus is it safe?

It was certified with the strictest standards of hygiene and quality from external laboratories, it also has the certification of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) which is an agency certified by the United States.

It is also 100% safe for the body since all its components are 100% natural, that is, you will not have side effects, since it is totally free of pesticides and harmful chemical products, it is also gluten-free.


Quietum Plus is guaranteed for 60 days. That is, if you feel or believe that you have not felt improvement or have not received the promised benefits, you have 60 days from the day you made the purchase to request a 100% refund of your money. The makers of Quietum Plus are so confident that it works, they make that deal with you.

You will be able to have a better hearing health, hear better and get rid of tinnitus, otitis, aberintitis, wax plugs in the ear, cholesteatoma, otosclerosis.

It also prevents other conditions such as vertigo.

The supplement also has other benefits in its ingredients like; leveling cholesterol levels, leveling blood sugar levels, better blood circulation, leveling blood pressure level.


The supplement is only available on its official website, that is, it is not sold on online sites such as Amazon or Ebay, nor in large department stores such as Walmart.


Many people, no matter how hard they try, cannot overcome their hearing problems and what is worse is, when they want to do it with medication it is only a temporary help and they even suffer from side effects.

If you want to regain your hearing health once and for all, naturally and safely this supplement is a great start.

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