Testo 911 Review – Does it really work?

Testo 911 Review – Does it really work

Testo 911 is a supplement exclusively scientifically designed for men over 40 years of age who have decreased their sexual desires due to decreased testosterone levels in their body. Men who have lost their energy and their development in bed, there is great news for all of them with this new supplement. Read below for an extensive and honest review of Testo 911.

Among the many concerns that plague us over the years are the ravages that age imposes on the functioning of our body. Beyond the 50s, navigating the 60s and 70s, we inexorably realize that our physical capacity decreases, our tolerance to exercise is lower, our energy level and vitality are not the same as before. Many times, women better accept that sexual desire has drifted away or decreased. In the case of men it may be more difficult to accept that they need help to achieve the desired sexual potency; many are concerned and ashamed.

Despite being natural and expected, this reality provokes feelings of denial and rejection, giving rise to the ancestral and natural search for a solution. Will there be something that can restore the vitality of the early years? As much as I try, I’m not the same anymore. Will I ever experience the flame of desire and sexual potency that I long for?

Believing that a natural process like menopause was a disease and therefore needed medical treatment brought fatal consequences to women. A little over a decade ago (see box at the end) it was discovered that the use of progestin threatens the good health of women. Currently, female replacement hormones during menopause are occasionally given in very low doses and for the shortest possible time.

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How Testo 911 works

It is scientifically designed to promote better health, increase testosterone levels by attacking the problem from the root, reducing blood sugar, hypertension and cholesterol. The ingredients are vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants concentrated in a capsule with carefully added ingredients and servings.

Customer Reviews

Despite the fact that this supplement to improve health and increase testosterone levels in men is new to the market, there are already real customers who have made a lot of positive comments about Testo 911.

Testo 911 ingredients

Vitamin B6: it is a water-soluble vitamin and plays a key role in the conversion of the proteins consumed in the diet until obtaining the amino acids that will finally form part of the muscle proteins.

Magnesium: it is essential for the proper functioning of the body, since it activates and regulates, no more and no less, than cellular energy. Without it, just to give an example, serotonin could not be formed: the hormone of well-being and happiness. It is, by far, the mineral that works the most in the body. That’s how important magnesium is in daily life.

Zinc: Zinc is included in the group of “the 100 most important enzymes” and is related to the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, the synthesis of insulin and the improvement of the immune system.

It also serves to eliminate free radicals from the body and to achieve elasticity in the skin (20% of this mineral is retained in the dermis). 85% of the total is deposited in:

Pigmented eye tissues
Nails and hair

Fenugreek: Fenugreek contains an amino acid called 4-hydroxyisoleucine, which appears to increase the body’s production of insulin when blood sugar levels are high. Increased insulin production can decrease the amounts of sugar left in the blood of many people. In some animal and human studies with diabetes and high cholesterol levels, fenugreek reduces cholesterol levels, as well as blood sugar levels.

Rhodiola rosea: Rhodiola’s effects are attributed to the activity of its components on serotonin and dopamine. Its main benefits include:

Improves mood and reduces states of depression
One of its great benefits is to improve depressive states.
Its components rosavina and salidrósido improve serotonin and dopamine levels. This translates into an improvement in depressive states.

Rise the levels of energy
Rhodiola increases energy.
Another of the many benefits of rhodiola is increased energy. So it is ideal for athletes and people with a high level of physical effort.

It is also ideal to stimulate sex life thanks to this extra energy it provides.

Reduces the risk of cancer
Several studies point to its benefits
There are a good number of studies supporting this benefit. In a report published in Life Extension, there are three studies that confirm the anti-cancer properties of this plant (especially against bladder and prostate cancer).

Eurycoma Longifolia: May increase muscle mass and strength due to its suspected effects on testosterone levels. Sometimes it is used to increase sports performance, physical strength and to promote fat loss. In a preliminary study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers found that 100 mg / day of an Eurycoma longifolia extract for five weeks increased muscle mass and strength in men who participated in an intensive strength training program compared to those who only participated in the program.

They also help increase muscle strength in older adults, according to a pilot study published in Phytotherapy Research in 2014. For the study, 13 men and 12 women between the ages of 57 and 72 took 400 mg of tongkat extract. ali daily for five weeks. At the end of the study, tongkat ali was found to have elevated free and total testosterone levels and muscle strength.

Piperine: It is a natural antidepressant, it stimulates the nervous and thyroid systems, it has anti-inflammatory properties, it is an excellent antioxidant, it is a great source of vitamin C, etc.

Piper nigrum: Helps the system retain other minerals such as potassium to control heart rate and blood pressure, and calcium to strengthen bones and teeth. Zinc, according to studies, promotes the growth of cells a stealthy antioxidant, protecting against free radical damage.

The Good Points

1) 100% natural and organic ingredients that do not cause negative side effects to your body.

2) It will increase your testosterone levels naturally and you will get a better general health, reducing health problems like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

3) Best of all, if you don’t have the promised results of this supplement, you can ask for a 100% refund of your money within the first 90 days of making your purchase.

The Bad Points

1) The supplement is not sold in physical stores or online stores like Ebay or Amazon, you can get it only on its official website.

2) For some people the supplement is expensive.

Final words

If you want to feel sexual desires again and want to increase your testosterone levels naturally and without side effects, this is a 100% recommended supplement, for all the benefits obtained and all the positive points, in addition to the great evaluation that people who I have given, I have bought it.

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