The Constipation Solution Review – Does It Really Work?


The Constipation Solution is a digital guide that contains a natural program to remove constipation naturally and effectively. Without the need to take medications that cause negative side effects to the body.

Chronic constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal disorders, affecting 15% of adults in general and 30% of adults over 60 years of age. It can be a primary disorder or secondary to other factors. It is more common in women and the institutionalized elderly. It is associated with socioeconomic factors, health status, depression, little activity, certain medications, and stressful situations. Given its high prevalence and impact on quality of life, it is also associated with a significant use of resources for health care.

Defecation begins when the rectum fills with stool causing relaxation of the internal anal sphincter and the desire to defecate. The external anal sphincter, which is under voluntary control, can then contract to delay defecation or relax to allow stool to be expelled.

Colonic muscles propel stool into the rectum with repetitive localized contractions that help mix and promote absorption of the contents while longer coordinated contractions (spread of greater amplitude) that, in healthy individuals, propel stool forward from the colon distal, several times a day. These contractions usually occur in the morning and are accentuated by gastric distention given by food and the resulting gastrocolic reflex.


Reduces gas, allergies and acid reflux

No more stress when defecating

Soft stools that do not hurt

Feeling of complete evacuation

Forget about the feeling of anorectal obstruction or blockage

You will not have to do manual maneuvers to facilitate evacuation

More spontaneous bowel movements per week and without complications

Best of all, if you believe or feel that the guide has not helped you and you do not feel improvement, you have 90 days to request a refund with 100% of your money from the first day of making your purchase.


The method comes in a digital format.

It can only be purchased from its official website.


For many people it is difficult and it seems that there is no cure for this condition, many of them suffer when going to the bathroom since they were born and until their adulthood to make soft stools and defecate without effort seems mission impossible.

This natural guide has shown that there is a solution to this problem, since people who have used this method have benefited and managed to overcome this annoying condition.

If you want to start taking charge of your health and eliminating constipation and all the discomfort it causes, The Constipation Solution guide is a great way to start.


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