Thermogenic supplements, great allies to reduce body fat

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Thermogenic supplements, great allies to reduce body fat

In addition to exercising and a healthy and balanced diet, there are sports supplements such as thermogenic supplements that can help in the loss of body fat. Although given the stimulating level of these compounds, many athletes and athletes also consume them before training to get more energy and thus perform more in their workouts.

Thermogenics speed up metabolism and promote calorie burning
Thermogenics are substances that have the ability to increase body temperature in order to produce certain metabolic reactions related to fat burning and the reduction of adipose body tissue. In addition, they help define muscles.

To achieve this, these supplements contain stimulating substances such as caffeine, black pepper or guarana, which help speed up the metabolic system.

This process is what is known as thermogenesis: The generation of heat through supplements or thermogenic foods that will subsequently cause fat reduction. In this way, a transformation into energy of the calories from body fat begins and an acceleration of the metabolism occurs.

For this reason, the people who will obtain better results from taking thermogenics are precisely those who have a slow metabolism. Since these tend to have more difficulties to burn fat and lose weight.

Thermogenic types
There are many kinds of thermogenics. All of them can be purchased without a prescription in stores specialized in sports supplements such as Masmúsculo. Although not all of them raise body temperature and help burn a greater number of fat. Some of these supplements are more focused on reducing appetite or have a special impact on its diuretic properties.

In any case, taking supplements with thermogenic properties does not guarantee a certain weight loss. These substances must be combined with the practice of anaerobic exercise or cardio.

Among the wide variety of products that exist with fat reducing properties, foods that incorporate such properties naturally stand out, and that we find in the vast majority of thermogenic supplements.

One of these is caffeine, whose stimulant properties are more than known. In addition, it contains paraxanthin that affects fat burning. And thermogenic properties that raise body temperature.

In green tea we find polyphenols that are responsible for speeding up metabolism and fat burning. On the other hand, this substance influences free radicals and has a great antioxidant effect.

Guarana is a plant rich in caffeine and tannins. Both substances are useful in the combustion and reduction of fatty tissue. Cayenne also works in a similar way due to capsaicin, the substance that gives it that characteristic spicy flavor and that causes it to increase the body temperature when eaten.

Do thermogenics have side effects?
The fact that foods and supplements with this type of properties directly affect the heart rate can be harmful for some people. Since to accelerate metabolism the heart rate is also agitated. For this reason, supplements with thermogenic properties are not recommended for people with heart problems, hypertension, or any other circulation-related disease.

In these cases, these products can lead to tachycardia, arrhythmia, and other direct effects on the heart.

On the other hand, they are also not recommended for people with a low carbohydrate diet. Since the acceleration of metabolism requires maintaining glycogen reserves high enough to obtain energy.

For all this, it is important to consult a specialist and decide when it is appropriate to introduce or not this type of supplement.


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