What are nootropics? Types, which one to choose

What are nootropics? Types, which one to choose

We are going to learn what nootropics are, what types of nootropics exist and, of course, we will analyze the particularities of each of them in order to find out which is the most suitable for us based on our needs, thus enjoying its beneficial properties. and avoiding those that can negatively affect health.

What are nootropics? Types, which one to chooseExpand

What are nootropics

To begin with, it is important that we understand what nootropics are, as this will help us take the next step, which is to know the types and, above all, highlight natural nootropics such as Pandora.

A nootropic is a type of compound or supplement that helps stimulate or enhance some mental functions such as memory, attention and concentration, cognition, creativity, and intelligence.

For this, different substances are used that include from vitamins to hormones, activators and vasodilators among others, creating a fast and direct effect that generally takes place in less than an hour from taking.

Types of nootropics that exist

There are two main groups of nootropics that are synthetic nootropics and natural nootropics, of which we are going to know some of their main characteristics.

Synthetic nootropics

They are synthetically processed compounds, and stand out for having a very long effect, with the disadvantage of being processed, which is why they are considered as drugs or pharmaceuticals.

These are the types of synthetic nootropics that exist:

Natural nootropics

On the other hand, we have natural nootropics, which fall within the group of food supplements and, although their effect is somewhat less lasting, they are much healthier.

Natural nootropics are divided into three groups which are:

Amino acids: some amino acids such as taurine, creatine, carnitine, theanine, tryptophan and tyrosine have effects that promote relaxation and improve aspects such as memory and mood.

Caffeine – Increases energy and improves performance and mental alertness, but can cause nervousness and anxiety.

From herbs: they improve cognitive abilities, humor, memory, concentration, etc., and among the most prominent we find ginko biloba, rosemary, ginsen and bacopa monnieri among others.

Which nootropic to choose

As we can see, the best we can do is opt for a compound formulated with herbs and amino acids, since in this way we achieve a very effective combination such as Pandora natural supplements, which include six natural nootropics in their formula and who have a great reputation and positive criticism by popular characters such as actors Juanjo Artero, José Coronado, Luisa Martín, Raúl Olivo and Aníbal Soto among others, who tell us about their fantastic non-profit benefits.

Choosing a natural and quality nootropic will not only guarantee the best effects for cognitive development, but it is also a highly recommended alternative since it helps us to have complete peace of mind that they are healthy and beneficial compounds for health.

Now that we know what nootropics are and we have discovered the different types we can choose from, it is time to make a decision that allows us to get the most out of all its benefits and the peace of mind that we are consuming a tested product and endorsed by scientists and consumers.

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